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Permission transparency

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Q2 24

 Product Area:Access Control

 Impact of Change:Increased transparency into access control

 Roles Impacted: All viewers of a contract


We’ve made two key improvements to enhance your SpotDraft experience:

  • Contract Access Visibility: It’s essential to know who can access your confidential contracts and how they gained access. Now, you’ll find this information clearly displayed at the top-right of every contract view. This allows you to easily identify unauthorized access and take appropriate action.
  • Clarified Role Permissions: We’ve made it easier to understand the permissions associated with different roles within SpotDraft. A concise summary of each role’s capabilities is now directly available in the UI. For even more detailed information, you can consult the linked help documentation.

As a bonus update, we’ve revamped the feature to invite users to a contract. The new UI is cleaner and simpler to understand.

How to Enable : Available on all workspaces.

Relevant Resources: Help Documentation