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Multi-Column Layout in MS Word online

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Q2 24

 Product Area: Editor improvements

 Impact of Change: New functionality

 Roles Impacted: All users with editor access


Some common pain points for users working with contracts containing multiple columns are as follows:

  • No Multi-Column Support: Previously, MS Word Online lacked the ability to handle multi-column layouts. This prevented users from editing contracts with two-column layouts directly in SpotDraft.
  • Workarounds: We recommended OnlyOffice as a workaround, but this created an extra step and inconsistency for users.
  • Inconsistency Between Preview and Editing: There was a discrepancy between the contract preview (showing two columns) and the editing view (showing a single column), leading to confusion.
  • Templated Contract Issues: Moving two-column templated contracts to the editor resulted in them appearing as single-column contracts.

With this release, these issues are a thing of the past!

MS Word Online editor now fully supports multi-column layouts, allowing you to:

  • Edit Existing Two-Column Contracts: Seamlessly work with contracts that use a two-column layout within the MS Word Online editor.
  • Create New Multi-Column Contracts: Design and edit new contracts with multiple columns using the familiar MS Word Online interface.
How to Enable : Rolled out to all workspaces that have MS Word Online as their editor

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