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Link executed contracts to SFDC

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Q2 24

 Product Area:Salesforce Integration

 Impact of Change:Link executed contracts from SpotDraft to SFDC

 Roles Impacted: SFDC integration users


  • We now create a SpotDraft Contract record on Salesforce as soon as a contract is linked to a Salesforce record in the ‘Manage’ section, at any stage in the contract lifecycle (pre/post-execution stages).
  • Unlinking a record in the SpotDraft manage section also deletes the SpotDraft Contract record in Salesforce.
  • Updating the linkage from record A to record B removes the SpotDraft contract record from record A and creates it under record B.
  • Now we’re able to identify whether a contract was signed inside SpotDraft or outside and update the status of the signatories accordingly. If signed outside of SpotDraft, we have introduced a new status called 'Signed Externally.'
How to Enable : Available on all workspaces.

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