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E-mail OTP based verification for counterparty contract links

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Q2 24

 Product Area: Counterparty signing, review, and approval(added via recipient sidesheet) links.

 Impact of Change:Enhanced security for counterparty contract links.

 Roles Impacted: Counterparty signatories, reviewers, approvers (added via recipient sidesheet) and viewers.


Introducing an email OTP-based counterparty verification mechanism on SpotDraft. This security feature ensures that only the intended counterparty users can take action on the contract links sent via SpotDraft.

Here is how it works:

When the counterparty recipient tries to access the contract link, they will be prompted to enter a 6-digit OTP sent to their email address. Only upon valid authentication will the recipient be able to access the contract link. Users have up to 5 attempts to enter a valid OTP. If they fail, there will be a 1-hour freeze during which they cannot take any action on the contract.

Counterparty signatories also have the option to resend the OTP if they did not receive it.

The creator party can enable one-time password verification on a workflow. Once the workflow is published, all contracts created via that workflow will have email-based OTP authentication for counterparty contract links.

Note: Email-based OTP verification is not applicable for contracts created via embedded flow or express templates.
How to Enable : Available on all workspaces.

Relevant Resources: Help Documentation